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EDU 323 Field Exp II: Elem/Secondary

Credits: 2
  • Admittance to the Teacher Education Program; Prerequisite or Co-requisite: EDU 305, EDU 335, EDU/EXSS 336, EDU/EXSS 337, EDU 338, EDU 339, EDU 352, EDU 353
Available Locations:

This is the second of two field experience courses that provide preservice educators with an
opportunity to “see into the daily life” of the teacher so they will develop a more accurate and
complete picture of the expectations for a teacher. This course is taken in conjunction with the
pre-service educators’ methods courses (EDU 305 Teaching Elementary Science, EDU 335
Teaching Elementary Language Arts, EDU/EXSS 336 Teach ing K-12 Physical Education,
EDU/EXSS 337 Teaching K-12 Health, EDU 338 Teaching K-12 Art or EDU 339 Teaching
World Languages K-12, EDU 352 Teaching Mathematics PreK-3rd Grade, EDU 353 Teaching
Mathematics Intermediate and Middle School).
Through this Field Experience course, pre-service educators will develop deeper understandings
of the teacher as a professional who uses his/her knowledge and skills to make and carry out
decisions to foster students’ educational development and school achievement. Pre-service
educators will complete various activities on site for a minimum of 40 hours and they will
complete various assignments to help them understand more deeply the Iowa Teaching Standards
and Criteria. Pre-service educators will be required to teach two lessons. At the end of this forty
(40) hour placement, pre-service educators will be assessed on their knowledge of the Iowa
Teaching Standards and Criteria. In order to be admitted to Student Teaching, pre-service
educators must successfully meet the appropriate levels of performance required through the
field experience assessment.